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Dual Outlet CPR type Refugium??


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O.K. now here is my idea, and I am wondering if anybody would know if this would even work. I am planning on building a CPR type Fuge, I already had made one, but broke and haven't replaced. So I want to build another, and instead of putting one outlet, putting two outlets. Having one towards the surface, and another that bends down behind the rock a ways, and splits out two ways with a T. What I am wondering is if the outlet is so far down inside the tank, would it even use the lower outlet back to the tank, or would it just use the one closer to the surface? This way I might be able to get some current behind my rock, and one that is towards the front. When I had my other Fuge built, I had surprisingly good flow in the front but had to use a small PH for the back. If this would work obviously I wouldn't have to have a powerhead in the tank other than the pump for the fuge...


Sorry for the long post, but am getting closer after Tax Return to initial setup..Crossing fingers..lol..I'm tired of staring at an empty tank for a year now..

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