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What's the turnover rate in your fuge?


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I have seen alot of questions on what size pump do I need for my fuge so I figured I would post this poll to kind of simplify this question for me and others. Basically what I am looking for is how many times an hour does the water turnover in your fuge (total number of gallons in fuge divided by gph of pump using to feed the fuge).

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i don't really think it s a question of the turnover rate in your fuge, but the turnover rate in your display. but technically, your entire aquarium is a closed system and the same water will be filtered throughout. anyways, i have a 10 galdisplay w/ 10 gal fuge and a mag drive 250 gph. calculate head loss, and it probably like 175. theres about 7 gallons in my fuge, so...25 gph per gallon? seems like alot....my tank is fine though and my fuge is slow mmoving. hth

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