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Cutting hairy mushroom off rock


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I have a hairy mushroom rock and there is no way for me to get it so all the polyps are facing up. When I got it the polyps were terribly bleached out, the ones that are getting enough light have turned a nice pink/brown color and the ones that are facing down are getting whiter by the day. My question is can I cut the ones that are looking bad off and try to put them in a shot glass with some LR rubble to see if they can attach or do you think this would just kill them? If I can cut them what is the best way to do it? Also is putting them in a shot glass the best course of action?


Thanks for looking.

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shouldn't be too hard to do. read any of the threads about cutting shrooms. i would be concerned that the white ones are physically stressed and cutting them won't help. kind of surprised that they didn't already detatch and find a friendlier environment. could you reposition the piece so that they could get some color before cutting them? how about cutting the ones that have already colored up?

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