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Coral Vue Hydros

Time to plan my clean up crew!


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In about a week or less I will be placing an order online for my clean up crew. I have a 50g and a 29g fuge.


Should I go all snails, all hermits, or do a mixture of snails and hermits? What (if any) kind of shrimp, or crabs, urchins, feather dusters, nudis, should I get? How many of each should I get? I bought my LR from Phishybusiness.com and he told me to e-mail him when my rock it cured. I am hoping he will give me some type of discount on my clean up crew if I order from him, since I bought his rock. Other than that I was considering getting my clean up crew from etropicals, or saltwaterfish.com, or even ebay like this guy for example: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dl...355026&rd=1

I am only 14 and I am trying to do all of this as cheap as I can :P


How many clean up crew critters should I plan on putting in my fuge?

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Since No-one has answered:


I would not put anything in the 29g fuge so as to let it establish itself. Obviously, the way we fishkeepers are, SPEND MORE MOOLAH!, but as you dont want to spend that much, for starters I would reccomend:


-A mix of 35 small hermits(Ie: Blue Leg, Red leg, Left handed Hermits, IMO no more than 10 red legs, I would suggest, 20 blue legs, 10 left handed, 5 red legs)

- 4-10 larger hermits(Ie: Electric Blue Leg Hermits, Scarlet Red leg Hermits)

-A couple Emeral Crabs

-A Sally Lightfoot Crab


-20 Margarita Snails

-20 Astrea Snails

-10 Bumble Bee Snails

-10 Cerith Snails

-10 Nassarius Snails


-Black Brittle Star, White Sand Star


-A lettuce Nudibranch, these guys are great, I had one(died cause of temp problem, getting another).


Cleaner Shrimps, Fire Shrimps, Coral Bandeds, these guys arent exactly cleanup crew but they will get the bigger chunks of food your fish miss. Urchins IMO none, and feather dusters arent cleanup crew.


Show your parents what saltwater tanks can teach you, and ask them to help you out! Im 14 too, got their help and now have two tanks!



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That would be a decent group and you could stay with that amount but I would still get more hermits and snails.



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Yeah, definetly. Also, most people dont do just snails or just hermits because some cant do things the other can(Ie: Hermits cant keep your glass clean, lol).


Cheers buddy, and keep us updated!



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I actually havnt tested yet :*( I ordered salifert tests kits from saltwaterfish.com, and instead of sending me 1 nitrite and 1 nitrate, they sent me two nitrites. I should be getting my correct order either tomarrow or monday. I will probably make my own thread for my tank once I test it all ;)

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O I see.


I meant like: What are you using for Lighting, Filtration, How much live rock stuff like that.



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OOh haha...

I have a 250w 20h De metal halide, aqua c remora w/ maxijet, 29g fuge (mag 12 for return to top tank.) the mag hits a scwd and goes over the top of the tank thru a U-tube. I also have a closed loop system powered by an iwaki MD30RLXT. For filtration I have a filter bag that I have tied around the hose that enters the fuge.

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Lol, filter bag tied around the hose. I guess thats not far off of what I would have done. I would have just put some filter foam. Is the MH your only light? How much LR you got? Sounds pretty good.



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