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Cheap Cabinets/Hoods?


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petco if you dont mind stands made out of particle board. wallyworld i think has better quality stuff.. its all reasonable. or I just bought a little TV stand.. meant for higher loads and usually cheaper..

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rjaquatics.com (R&J Enterprises) used to sell some REALLY nice Oak Stands and Canopies for cheap.......you could get them through mail order, but I can't find anybody that's carrying them anymore. Now everybody's selling that cheap-assed looking "Sedona" stands.


I've got two of the R&J units and would love to get a third if I could find an online store that's selling them.....heavy, solid, beautiful....


I wanna get the stand and a canopy for a 30H. The Canopy is perfect for mounting a Metal Halide Retrofit Kit in! Just cut out both ends with a rotary tool and mount iceberg fan kits in there and you're good to go for at least 250 Watt Metal Halide.




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