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New to this type of nano


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Any info on 12g JBJ dx nano prior to setting up? Ordered my Mike Sig ed from nanocustoms.com being shipped out right now. Have saltwater corals/fish/clams waiting to be transfered!

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After I pick the sand out, was thinking the sugar size, but in the other tanks I have is the next size up from that sugar size and may stay with that. I may plan to mix some of the live sand to jumpstart the cycle. So a water change transfering critters from the old bed to the new bed, then let setle. Add some serious coraline alge Figi rock, setle some more. One rock looks like you frosted it with Dark Rasberry frosting. (so cool). Any Thoughts on this?

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Mixing live sand from your old and new sand will help jump start.


But I think the key to not having a cycle is to directly transfer LR from your established tank to the new tank. Most of the beneficial denitrifying bacteria is on the LR (biological filtration), so you want to move enough LR into the new tank to provide it w/ all the good bacteria it needs.


So if you can move over a good 12-20 lb of LR from your established tank into the new one (along w/ some of your LS and your established tank water), you should be fine.


But just to be safe, after moving over LR, LS, and water from your established tank into new one, wait a day or two and test your water for ammonia and nitrites. If it stays zero, then you probably avoided the cycle altogether and it will be safe to transfer corals, fish, etc at that point.

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That sounds like a good plan! If I decide on the sugar sand will let the liverock do its job of populating that sand. Will be at the LFS to search sandbags. One thing I did hear that over time the sugar sand coagulates and turns to larger chunks. Could this be true? And during water changes would it have the tendency to get sucked out?

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