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Question... About LS . LR and lighting


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Ok, what kind of lights do i need to keep my LR / LS going?


The reason i ask is this. I have everything to begin my tank except my lights. I plan to do the regent MH 70W DIY thing. I would like to, in the mean time, while I wait for my bulb to ship and to find a cheap ballast on-line start the cycling process.


Is this possible? And what kind of lighting would you guys suggest? I have a few floresent strips hanging around i can use.


Tank size is 10gal. I plan to start off with 12lbs LS and 14lbs LR.


Thanks for any advice!

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You don't need light to cycle but if you want to add something pick up a small flour. hood with a 50/50 bulb. If it were me, and had a MH coming, I'd just be patient. I've never run light for cycles anyhow....keeps the algae bloom from becoming a headache in the high nutrient load times in a cycle.



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Ive always run lights with my cycling, and Ive never had issues. Actually my cycling using takes less than 1/2 the amount of time that is 'normally specified'...


...you could cycle with your lights off, but it MIGHT slow benifical bacteria growth and such...its your call.

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don't need light for bacteria growth. they use nutrients from die-off to feed themselves. i only used natural indirect light to cycle my tank. if your lr is of quality nothing to worry about.

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