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questions on part of N cycle


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quick questions:


1.)do diatoms indicate water quality is going up in a new tank?


2.)is it normat to never see a nitrite spike.?


3.) Amonia is currently at .25ppm, is this safe enough to add a small clean up crew?



extra info. All live rock is already cured, sand is new. 20H tank pH 8.1

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1)not necessarily, diatoms indicate poor water quality typically, but as water ages, it disappears

2)yes, you should see a nitrite spike- as a matter of fact- ive never seen an ammonia spike when setting up my tank- i used carbisea's livesand and a 5lb live rock (12gallon were talkin about) nitrite typically stays around much longer than ammonia- although its different each time around.


3)if you added your cleanup crew b/f the ammonia showed up- i would say that would be ok- but since ammonia's alraedy there- your crew may get shocked.

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I can tell you from experience that you don't want to add a cleanup crew until after your tank is completely cycled. Have patience, it'll get there.

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