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Crappy pictures, but they get the idea across.




This is my Ricordia spp. I assume it's R. florida because some of the smaller mushrooms already have two seperate mouths. What do you think?


I've got about 10 of these on one piece of rock, and I'm going to frag the smaller ones tonight to place them in other parts of the tank or trade them.


This big guy (the one in the picture) is maybe 1.5", and he'll eat chunks of fish, or anything you put onto his mouth.




My green Rhodactis spp. It's a forked tentacle kind, if you can tell in the picture (it's difficult). He hasn't eaten anything since I've had him (that I've noticed).


I just recently fragged it, and I'm waiting for the frags to attach, if anyone is interested in trading. They are a very metallic green, and look amazing under actinics.




Probably my favourite rock in my tank. It's got a feather duster, GSP, and some Zoanthidae Protopalythoa? I think that's what is on the bottom. He'll eat stuff.


On this rock, it's hard to see, but there is a bald patch where the GSP won't grow. Some sort of worm has made a tube, and comes out and stings the GSP when they come up. There are two tentacles, clearish-white. The tube appears to be made of the aragonite substrate. What is it, and how do I evict it from the rock?







One of my zooanthid rocks. I like the way they look under actinic lighting. The greens really flouresce, and you can't really tell, but their are some pink centered zoos and their that really stick out under actinic also.




Another really bad picture, but my Royal Gramma and Lawnmower Blenny hanging out in the back corner. The Gramma won't go after the Blenny, but he will go after the black molly in the tank.

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I was about to ask that about the first picture. I thought it was a Yuma, not a RIc. But regardless, it's awsome looking. I like ric's and yumas alot.

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Not to confuse the issue... but a yuma is a ric.


Ricordea yuma, as opposed to Ricordea florida. Maybe I shouldn't say anything, I have bad memories of this topic... However I agree, it's a yuma.

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i have the same worm-like thing...i didnt know it stung coral though...i have no idea what it is...my g/f used to cut it w/ a razor blade while it was out...but i just leave it

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A good option for getting rid of anything like that is to grab some of that underwater epoxy putty stuff and smother him. Works like a charm on zoanthids too. After a while the epoxy will get completely covered in coraline algae and you'll never even know it was there.

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Yeah, I have the underwater epoxy. Actually, I didn't think of that, but it'll will definately work. That's what I'll do tonight. Thank you very much Jason Withers.

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