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Reef Crystals... Interesting Article


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After reading about inconsistencies of IO ( which I happen to use) I began to search info on "Reef Crystals" that some have claimed as constistent. The first link when searching google for "Reef Crystals" brought this up..





I know that this is just one website which may be or not be accurate in truth.


If you use this, what are your thoughts on the product. How long have you used it? Have you ever noticed problems with batches?


I would be interested in your experience wit this products. I will also do further research.

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Ohh.. now this is interesting.... ROFL....


Issue No. 3

The Facts About Marine Environment® dual phase formula™



dual phase formula™

manufactured by Aqua Craft®, Inc. USA < ---(Which happens to be this website).


This is the only two part sea water formula tested. As shown below Marine Environment® contains all elements found in NSW with a emphasis on a strong pH buffering system and enhanced amounts of calcium, strontium, molybdenum, manganese and lithium. It is very consistent with no excessive amounts of heavy metals. It is the only product with built-in water trace supplements and various water conditioners. Packaging is accurate.



AMAZING what companies throw out there for people to believe!!!



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avoid salts with too much calcium- ala- oceanic, as their buffering capacity is EXTREMELy low- a lot of problems with other salts, IO, Reefcrystals, marinemix, is that they make the ph TOO high- almost 9.0 in some cases.... lots of sketchy stuff out there- but unless people are losing corals left and right- whats the big deal?

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You know what I have begun to do in my mini-bow is to purchase the catailna water from petco and to do a 1/2 cataline water and 1/2 oceanic salt with DI water mix. What happens is that I get a perfect pH, calcium, alkalinity every time. The low alkalinity of oceanic is buffered by the catalina water from petco. The high calcium in oceanic helps to add to the lower calcium in the catalina water. Plus it helps me to cut my cost of purchasing water from petco ($10 for 5 gallons) in half. Plus the oceanic mixes very well unlike IO and Reefcrystals that sometimes is difficult to mix. Just a suggestion. Recommend trying it to see what results others get.

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