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Well, now a little about my tanks. I like clean, sleek low maintenance setups. I dont do any maintenance to my paludarium except replace evaporated water. It doesnt even have a filter or heater, I rely on the plants and my low bio load of 3 fish and 2 shrimps to keep nutrients in check. So far it has worked wonderfully and I have no algae growth whatsoever. On the nano I have a box filter which runs carbon, attached to it I have some skimmer thing which simply takes some water from the surface of that tank so I dont have that gross oil slick thing reefs get then they arent properly skimmed. I rely on my liverock which has spent the last 4 years in my 155 reef to filter my water. The corraline is unreal and I love the purple color it adds to the tank. I fragged all the corals in my nano from my 155. I think i have about 70 watts of Pc lighting on there. I have 6 blue legged hermits, 3 bumblebee snails, and one percula clownfish.



candycane coral

blue tip stag

pink monipora

pink digi

red Ricordea

blue and green mushrooms

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A little about the paludarium if you were wondering, I built this about 1 year ago while working at my LFS. (had alot of free time). I cut pieces of slate rock to fit as walls, I drilled holes in the bottom (under the gravel) where a tube runs connected to a powerhead. The powerhead sucks water from the lowest pool and shoots it through a tube to the highest. This creates a never ending waterfall effect from the upper chamberto the middle and finally to the bottom. The fish have a great time jumping the waterfalls, and even the algae eating shrimp can jump them. Its a great tank that I simply love having around, I wish more people would make them because they are alot of fun.

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I get the feeling my clown is lonely. I know 2 clowns in a 7 gallon is pushing it, but does anyone think this is acceptable?

I do waterchanges weekly and change the carbon bi-weekly. Any suggestions?

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