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Pics of my 10g AGA


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Here is a new pic of my 10g AGA I have had up and running for about a year. I have been working on it really slowly, but just added a few new corals. Let me know what you think- be kind though! :)

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The Pagoda is new, that's one of the reasons for the pic, it really adds a lot of color. I got it in a trade for some of my metallic green start polyps..

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Dyed? Has anyone else ever heard of that? If it is dyed somehow, wouldn't I be able to tell with new growth? The polyps that come out of the edges look normal... I did see a picture of a purple one somewhere that looked awful purple though and I wondered how it could look like that, I hope mine is not dyed... does anyone know if they occur this yellow naturally?

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Well, working at a LFS we've seen a lot more of them coming in recently, we get real angry because they dont fare well in the long run.


If you look at it, does it kind of "glow" yellow, or is it more mustardy in color? If its more mustardy, then you could be ok and just have a nice colorul one.

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