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tank reading problems


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hey everyone i just got 3 new plate corals and they all started dying one right after the other in about a 2week span. I also see brown (i think diatoms) algae on my sand. when tested my water everything was ok except my phosphate level which is at 1 and nitrate is at 100


how can i bring this down? and whats causing these high levels? also is this the cause of da brown algae on my sand and da death of my plates?

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We are going to need to know some more about your tank. How long has it been set up? How much light do you have? What are your other inhabitants? How much lr, ls? How much and how often do you feed? What filtration do you have? Anything else you can think of to tell us would be great.

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your nitrate readings may be caused by the new die-off. before you added the coral were the readings for ANN all zero? adding things too quickly to a reef will only result in problems.

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Nitrate at 100??!! When was the last time you did a waterchange? The only way to get nutrients out a system is to TAKE them out...you need to keep up on waterchanges, run carbon, increase skimming, get a 'fuge to cull macro, etc.




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thanks you guys ill try the water changes and see what happens i have a 94 gallon tank i know its way bigger then a nano but i just use the advice from here and also reefcentral

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Originally posted by reefer1187

why do i get a little black dot on my envelope when i post a forum?


It indicates you have contributed to the thread.

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