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Vibe's 10 gallon nano: UPDATED


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********Tank Rundown*********


Set up on January 3rd, 2005


Tank size:

-10 gallon



-emperor 280 w/ Bio-wheel and carbon filter



-2x40 watt PC moonlite hood fixture (1 atinic bulb, 1 10,000k bulb)



-12lbs of cured LR (Haitian/Tonga/fiji mix)

-20lbs of LS (2 inch sandbed)


Inverts/Clean up crew

-15 blue legs (one hitch hiked)

-9 astria snails

-2 nassarius snails

-red/pink coco worm



-six lined wrasse (Zeppelin)

-orange striped prawn goby (Floyd)

-2 PJ Cardinals (no names yet)



-yellow cup coral (the eye-catcher)

-teal zoos

-yellow eyed, yellow skirt zoos

-green rim, blue center, orange mouth zoos (favorite)

-green rim, light blue center zoos

-fluorescent green zoos

-green polyp toadstool leather frag

-pink trumpet frag

-green star polyp frag

-purple w/ blue spotted shrooms

-teal w/ neon blue dotted shrooms

-red favia (was brown)

-green hairy shrooms

-green pavona

-green montipora

-pink w/ purple polyp seriatapora

-bright teal moon polyps

-green striped shrooms



-peppermint shrimp (executed by wrasse)

-1 nassarius snail (murdered by wrasse)








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i was told that these are some kind of turbinaria. we call them moon polyps here for slang. beautiful coral none the less. this piece was carried over from my last ten gallon setup.

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blastamosa frag. i picked this one up from pet world for $29.99. it was all brown when i got it. now its starting to color up. the polyps are turning red with what seems to be a slight tint of purple in the centers.

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That LPS (doesnt exactly look like a blasto to me) has got some potential dude!


Hopefully it will keep coloring up and you'll end up w/ something really nice. ;) If I squint my eyes, it almost looks like acanthastrea lordhowensis. haha.


but when I open my eyes, it looks more like favia. regardless if it colors up nicely it will be a beautiful centerpiece! great find!

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That tank is saweet. Its lookin real nice and clean. that rockwork is really good too. I agree with tigah,looks like some kind of favia, but i could be wrong.

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everytime i see your yellow cup, it makes me want. my lfs had a small one for $25 and i was going to get it, but luckily the guy asked if i really wanted it because it wasn't healthy.

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if its not healthy, then you should bargain and say that you will take it for 20. then you can revive it in your tank back at home. 25 isnt that bad, if your lights are stronge enough, you could probably save taht coral from dying. im low on money right now, so im slowing my additions. i already added a lot for on month so im gonna let things grow out for a week or two. however, im on the prowel for fish now. i need to find another fish to put in here. im thinking about taking the clown fish out of my 29. hes a great fish and he hosts to everything. it will be great to see him swim through my hairy shrooms:D .what do you guys think? also i think my last fish addition is going to be a hectors goby or a court jester goby. what do you guys think?

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i think you should skip on the clownfish because everybody has one (including myself) and it would make your tank not look as exotic. couldn't think of a word.

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do you think it would survive with 96 watts? i've never had one so i don't really know how to care for one correctly. it's a beautiful blue with bright green polyps too.

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im still on the hunt. im going to go to the fish store tomorrow and see what i can find: . hopfully my lfs's will pull through and get something cool.

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Nice tank, Vibe! The valley effect works out nicely. I also like how your getting a nice variation of coral, LPS, soft, zoas. Keep us updated.

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well, the fish store pulled through. i got some nice frags and a nice fish. so here are teh pics.


first pic is my new lil buddy. orange striped prawn goby

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neon green pavona (my lights do not do this coral justice, good thing im upgrading to MH;) ) here i am glueing the frag onto a rock which my lfs gladdly gave to me:

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wow, $10 for both of those. my lfs was going to sell me to frags of zoanthids for $4 each and they had about 5-10 polyps on them. then the guy asked why i didn't just buy the colony for $15, so i did.

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