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how much live rock to start?


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how much live rock should start with when I begin cycling my 24g nano this weekend?

also, how much live rock rubble should I put in the back compartments?

2nd compartment only?

should I use a Chemi-pure filter too?

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all the rock you plan on putting in your tank should go in at the start. otherwise you get a recycle later when you add more.


imo for a 24g that would be 40 pounds.




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It would depend on the type of live rock you want to use. Tonga live rock weighs about half of Figi live rock. So in generally, you want to use enough live rock, if possible so you won't need to add live rock after the cycle. That could be 25 pounds of Tonga or 40 pounds of Fiji live rock. I more or less filled up completely the first two compartments in my tank of small rubble pieces. The sizes were less than an inch or so in size. I also put in the first a small Chemi-Pure bag too.


Good Luck...


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thanks for the info!


did you put the small live rock in the back when you started the cycling? do you need a light for the back chamber?

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i have 29lb's in my 24G, 22lb's of figi and 7lb's of marshall island. And yes i did put the LR in the back from the start. btw, this almost seems like too much. It all depends on the size and the shape, and you aquascaping you deceide on.


go here and you can see what 20lbs of figi looks like. I added 2 more lb's of fiji and 7lb's of marshall after these photos.(1 large piece and 3 small pieces). I also rearanged it for about the 10th time, until i got something i like.




good luck, Mike



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