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Coral Vue Hydros



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My tank is not finished cycling, I decided I didnt like my aquascaping and the rearranging of rocks made my ammonia shoot up into another cycle again. If this is Aiptaisia I will most likley invest in a pepermint shrimp to rid it. Im a little leary about using Joes Juice.


Wanted to check with the knowledgeable folks here before I go ripping something out of my tank that should be left alone. From what I have learned on the boards here, this looks to me like the beggining of a Aiptaisia. Is this what im dealing with here?



Many thanks!


PS.. Hope the pic is good enough to make an ID

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I thought so :(


Im going to read up on Joes Juice and see how it goes. Since it is a new tank with no corals in it, perhaps I wont have to worry to much about using it. Thanks so much guys!! Your the best!

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I have used white, distilled vinegar w/ sucess. You also need to get your nutrients under control, otherwise they will return no matter how many times you kill them.



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I just had some in my 2.5 that tagged along on a piece of live rock that I bought, didn't even see the little buggers till after I put it in the tank. I went and got a peppermint shrimp and added him to the tank....they are now history.I know some people have had no luck with the shrimp but this is the second time I have had great success with the peppermint shrimp. First time was in a 30 gal reef tank that was plagued with about 30 aptasia in it . I got 2 shrimp for the tank and they cleared the tank of aptasia in about a week or so.

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Sam, I have been adding a little bit of Kents Reef Elemenst to the tank to help boost the coraline growth. Could this be the kind of nutrients that cause Aiptaisia to take off?

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I did the vinegar thing like Sam Suggested. I used a syringe with a very pointy tip. The anemone retracted and I injected the hole he was in with a blast of vinegar. A ton of air bubbles came out of the hole. Hope he is gone fpr good. I did findanotherone that was a bit larger and blasted him too.


I will slack off the Reef Elements and hopefilly that will reduce the number and hopefully I have erradicated all of them.

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