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FOWLR Nano Cube Questions


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Currently I have 2 reef tanks and was looking to start a FOWLR.


I bought a cube off of ebay- I've never owned one.


With a FOWLR setup what mods should I do in a stock nano cube?


What should I do with the media in the back chamber, take it all out and use LR rubble, or leave in the media?


With one 24w light are their any corals I could keed or would I be better off going one way or the other reef-FOWLR.


I am not interested in another reef, just some fish. A clown, a shrimp, a firefish, and maybe a goby.


Let me know what I options are, anyhelp is well appriceated. I make my own RO.DI water for my other tanks, so frequent water changes are not a problem.


THanks for any ideas. My real question requires what to do with the rear chambers for a FOWLR setup.



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in leftmost compartment put bag of chemipure and 1 sponge one top, in middle put rubble, rightmost put in heater next to pump...you can put a Rio90 on top in the leftmost compartment for good water movement (no macro or chaeto in back because you would need a light but without the macro, no light is perfect)


for corals you could have an open brain, diff. kinds of polyps, or shrooms

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