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Emerging from live rock


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Four things I have yet to ID that have emerged from my LR... anyone care to help me out?


Sorry for the questionable image quality...


1. Halimeda, I think?

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1) Halimeda or cactus algae. If it goes sexual it will ruin your tank.


2)Chili coral. Non-photosynthetic and needs phytoplankton to live. Alot of people pay good money for this coral.


3) It is another macro algae that I had in my tank once. I forget the name but it will grow big quick. I suggest tearing it out. Also, Turbo snails love to eat it.


4) I don't know what this algae is called but it looks like a calcerous algae. I would leave it in until it begins to cause a problem. But if you have Turbo snails they will destroy it anyhow.

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