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Imacowboy's nano


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yay! i've just decided to finally start a thread on my 6g nano. i am progressing a bit slow, so bear with me :) My tank has been set up for about one and a half months. its a lil empty right now but i plan on getting more LR but no time because of school and other stuff.



- eclipse system six

- ac300 moded as a fuge

- nano ballast 32w 50/50 bulb

- 13w 03 actinic kit

- about 6-8 lbs of LR



- turbo snail

- "black turbo snail"

- hitch hiker feather dusters



- gsp frag

- zoanthid frag

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snails....tell me wht ya think! open to suggestions. i'm thinking about having blastos as a centerpiece. And xenia, shrooms, and more zoathids other places. hopefully i'll really get going with my tank. Finals just ended so i can relax :P

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that small as you call it black turbo is a margarita snail. they are pretty good algae eaters, but nothign compares to the mexican turbo in my tank :)

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Your zoas are beautiful, and I love the purple base of the GSPs. I never knew about that until I saw them the other day at my LSF. So much color!

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Hey, it looks great. Those zoas are really nice also. What other livestock are you going to put in. It would be cool if you got a small clown and a small torch or frogspawn for it to host in. You may want to get some nass. or cerith snails to keep your sand bed a little stirred up and some more snails in general b/c when you have more bioload in there, the nitrates will build a little and there may be more algea although you have the fuge which will probebly take care of it. Other wise it looks good and has lots of potential.

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yeah, substrate is getting a little bit gross. Its not white like it used to be (one month earlier :D ) so....snails will fix this? hermit crabs?

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Thanks for looking, but I am afraid that I do not have it wrong. The black turbos I have listed on my site are not margaritas and the margaritas I have are not black turbos. They are two different species of snail and there are pictures of both on my site.


Take a look at the shell of a trochus and an astrea. If both were the same size it could be difficult to tell one from the other. However if you were to look closely you will see that the astrea snail has an operculum while the trochus does not. You would also see that the trochus snail lays almost flush on a flat surface with the snail retracted in its home while an astrea does not. Subtle differences.

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heh....opps sorry looks like i saw the details wrong... i did not intend to make up stuff and talk bad about ur site...:) let me edit it

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serious....invested at least 300-400 on my nano...but, i guess you could buy happiness. Because everytime i STARE at my nano, it makes me happy. yeah, and you have NO IDEA how long i can stare at my tank B)


"we're too young to be in this hobby."


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yeah still in highschool, i was looking around on other forums and there these ppl saying they're gonna start a 150 g SW. i was like woah! but then it turns out they have crazy degrees and are damn doctors and billionaires...hmmm...no wonder they can afford this hobby

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im tryin to get a job at the mall to help fund my reef. lets get a job fishboy.


with a car u can drive places to buy reef stuff. with a reef u can... not. but i wouldve made teh same choice.

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ok check this out, i just bought myself and gotfish some kent kalkwasser...and its really puzzling me how i add this stuff. ok this is wht i know so far to start:


ya add 1tsp pergallon of water to mix. then let is sit for about 4 hours to day. then ya have some type of drip system( siphon setup). and you don't want the percipitate at the bottom because its bad... that's all i know so the questions are:


1.) Does it matter what size container the kalk is dripping from depending on my take volume (6g)? can i drip it from a 5g container?


2.) Can you continuously drip kalk? is it safe?


3.) Is the drip rate supposed to match the evaporation rate?


4.) Do i need a ph monitor? which one? electronic?


5.) Tips on the drip rate for my 6g?


is there anything else i should i know?


yeah that's about it. no one tell me to use the search function, because i did that and i don't understand any of the threads :( confusing...

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