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Few Questions


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I have been keeping a 10g nano for about a year now. It has a 96watt powerquad but no skimmer.


1. How do I get rid of algae about the size of a mini tree in my tank?

2. Will peppermint shrimp get rid of my field of Aptasia that is growing on almost every inch of area in my tank?

3. I use RO water from the grocer store, why do I still have bubble algae growing on everything? Do I have to scrape the bubble agae off my rocks or is there an easier way?

4. Is there a way to split a open face brain? It has grown too large in my tank and I don't really want to sell it back to the store?

5. Will my frogspawn grow back if it has died and the coral fragments remain empty?:*(

6. How do I remove the algae build up on the glass, I have a magnetic scrubber but I can scrape and scrape but to of no avail?


So let me know what you guys think, I'd really appreciate it.

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6. Try an old credit card by hand......works wonders.


3. There is already a thread going about algae....lots of good info.


http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread...&threadid=49399 An Emerald crab might help though....it did with mine....but not all will. If you are having algae issues...how often do you feed....be honest. Length of times that lights are on and what are your water parameters and filtration.


2. I have no real experience with Aptasia...but not all peppermint shrimp will take care of it. How big is the Aptasia? If too large they won't touch it.


I have no ideas about the others


Good luck

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