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Stocking question


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HI all,


I'm just looking for some opinions.


I have a 10G nano, a DIY protien skimmer, 15lbs live sand, ~12lbs live rock, 70W MH lights and 40W PC 50/50.


The tank currently has 2 false percs, an emerald crab, a blood shrimp, 2 riccordia, 2 frogspawns, gsp, some zoo's and the expected collection of snails & hermits.


Water chemistry has be rock stable since I added an auto top off.


I'm thinking off adding a purple firefish and a second blood shrimp & that would be it. For things that move around the tank. I'll be getting more sps & lps over time.


Would that be too much bio load?




Edit: Corrected Emerald clown to crab. Thought one thing typed another lol.

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I'd probably avoid the third fish if you plan on having a "largish" collection of SPS corals, as you're going to want to keep that water as oligotrophic as possible. The second blood shrimp isn't going to add as much to the bioload as the fish, so I'd say go for it.




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I agree...3 fish might not be a good idea if you plan on keeping corals...I had 4, boiled it down to 2 (false perc, orange goby and 2 barnacle blennies)...the 2 false percs will provide enough entertainment :)...

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