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ok here's the thing I am debating, I just got the Aqua Medic 250W Ocean Light HQI Metal Halide (only the pendant/reflector, no ballast or bulb)


now, the bulb isnt hard to buy, I think I am gonna buy the DE 250W 10K.. I just wondering where I can find the ballast for this set up... do I have to use 250W HQI MH ballast or the 250W MH (no HQI) ballast would be okay?

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id buy a 14000k bulb like the hamilton. looks much better. you can check out happyreefing.com for some decent prices. he also has ballasts that run both de and se.

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thanks for the quick answer bladze, so the 250w DE 14k Hamilton bulb w/ ice cap electronic ballast would run well together right?


sorry for asking too many things, but what is the different between electronic ballast and HQI ballast? just want to double check before i purchase..


thanks in advance!

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hqi is magnetic = use more electric but it will be brighter. electronic = less electricity blah blah blah .. sorry i'm too lazy to type. do some search cuz this topic has been debate all over and over in hundreds threads.

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what he said the electronic ballast wont put out quite as much intensity (but still enough) but the electronic ballast is quieter and cooler than magnetic ballasts.

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