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Well I've been in and out of this hobby for the last 5 or 6 years. Started with a 45G Hex in college and just didn't have the money to keep it up the way I wanted. About a year and a half later I started up a 10g AGA with a 10G sump. Things went better but still not as I would have liked. When I moved from Florida to NC last may I took the tank down and gave my rock to a fellow reefer up here to hold onto.


6 months later we're all settled in (I just got married in december, so things were VERY hectic for awhile) and my GREAT NEW WIFE got me a NanoCube for christmas! :D


I think (hope:blush:) that I've learned enough through experience and on the web to make this tank a success.


So I'll be documenting my progress as I go, and hopefully I'll have something to be proud of over the next couple months!


The tank has been set up for less than a week, but I've got a few pictures and I've made a few small mods so those will follow.


- Daniel

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The tank is barebottom, I got a blue cutting board from Wal-Mart and cut it to fit. I wish the cutting board was a little darker but I figure once the rocks are covered in coralline they will be darker, and then the lighter blue will look nice.


I wasn't happy with the stock pump, so I put an MJ1200 in as the return, and used the stock pump for surface agitation and extra circulation, in much the same manner as mikeguerrero uses his two rio's. I'm keeping my eye out for someone to sell a few 90's or 50's because his look a lot better where they are than mine, plus I have to always tinker with mine anytime I move it since it draws water from ALL SIDES :rolleyes:


For now I have stock lighting, as I progress to the more difficult corals that will change, but for now I'm focusing on the basics.


The tank is in the great room on our china cabinet (which doesn't have china in it yet) ;)

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I was having major problems with heat, which seemed strange, but I eventually just wired the fans to their own 12V power source, which should have fixed things, right? Nope still way too hot. My house stays at 70 during the winter and the tank was running at like 84.7 degrees.


After racking my brains I guessed that it must be one of the pumps. I turned off the stock pump, no dice. So I came to the conclusion that my old MJ1200 which had been in the garage for a year and a half was the culprit. 50/50 water and vinegar cleaning and I just placed it back in the tank, so we'll see what happens.


Also I was having problems with placing the MJ in the 3rd compartment. The suction cup bracket that came with it was too wide so I cut part of it off, but then the pump rested up against the glass and was pretty loud. So when I had the pump out for cleaning I put some padding around the body of the pump, which seems to have alleviated the problem.


Here's a pic of the padding I used, I had some left over from lining the drawers of my 12 drawer Craftsman toolbox (WEDDING GIFT!) It's soft but pretty dense.

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And last but not least, here's a full tank shot. I'm really happy with the way the aquascaping turned out, there are plenty of places to place corals at all levels of the water column.


Hope you like it, it's very humble right now but I'm going to take my time and keep it simple, hopefully I'll end up with a tank half as nice as some of the ones I see on here.

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you are still having heat issues?


try step 10




I dont know if i advised you of that in our AIM conversation, but it should help alot. If not, theres something seriously wrong.


This morning, my girlfriend alerted me to the temps in my tank (84F) i quickly realized that the MH 70 was on without the fans on.. This was after about 3 hours in 70F ambient.

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ok so it has come to my attention that there is a forum for member's tanks, oh the embarrassment


what are the chances of getting this thread moved over there?

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