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Please Help with Id


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I am trying to find anything that looks like this worm It Kinda Looks like a light colored night crawler but at the top it has some kind of head. I am just starting up my 12 gallon and he was one of the hitchhikers on the LR.

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Originally posted by Acoustic

Simple. This is a saltwater penis.


heh @ Acoustic.


I think its a peanut worm aka sipunculid (not sure if spelling is correct).

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alemap, bobioden is correct in your id thread. The green stalk you have is Neomeris annulata.


EricS has something ungreen..... Try a google image search for sipunculid and see what ya think.

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It looks very much like a sipunculid but the head is different than the pics but I guess that could be a you one or something now I have to figure out if it will do any harm to anything

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