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I have a basic question about water quality. When I do water changes I use deionized water which works OK. I have been using buffers to keep my ph in line but want to start using kalc. My problem is that I seem to be confused about all the information out there. I believe that the kalc is supposed to stabilize the ph and alkalinity is this right? Until recently I have not tested for alkalinity but it is apparently off the scale. I purchased a Jungle test strip kit as that was all that was available in town. Anyway the color chart goes up to 300ppm and my reading is past that. I called the manufacturer and they said that I just have hard water. How do I get the alkalinity within acceptable levels. I have a yellow tang that seems to be suffering somewhat from the water quality as he gets red dots and splotches. Usually when the ph drops too low. I want to use kalc but am under the understanding that you cannot until all the water parameters are in line. I have no trouble with ammonia, nitrates, nitrites ect... Sure could use some input.:*(

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