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my clowns are on day 4 of ick treatment and i came home to find one dead and one sevearly fubar. what happened? params look good? my zoos look good and open and the water is clear. i think its to late for the clowns but what is with my tank?

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i cant get a good pic cause i have to use my bros cam cause i cant find my usb hook up. all the inverts are fine. my sally light foot just molted yesterday and hes just hangin out eatin detritis. all my snails are still alive or at least still hangin on the glass.

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Maybe it has "Clown Fish Disease" (Brooklynella). Mine had it but it was in the advance stages. I tried to dip the fish in a fw solution with Malachite green and formalin treatments but it was too late. The fish was fine one night, then next day had white ich, then lesions, and a slimey film. I dipped him in and he looked a lot better, put him back into the tank, looked fine but died the next day.

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Brooklynella is very common in clowns, thats my best bet.


Are you speaking english? I dont know what "sevearly fubar" means, sorry, lol.

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