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Just got some Xenia!!!!!!!!!


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hey, ive always wanted some xenia and yesterday i purchased a small frag at the LFS. im so excited, i want it to grow a lot, any tips on how to make it grow fast? Undertheradar did a good job in growing his!


200 watt pc

55 gal

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Congratulations on the new addition to your tank family :) Xenia's are pretty I'm torn between a xenia or a kenya tree...but leaning towards a kenya.

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Xenia is a very strange coral as far as growth. I've had VERY good success in growing it in my 46 gallon under power compacts. I have the pulsing type. I do few water changes and overfeed (in my opinion) in that tank. However, I've had zero success in my 12 gallon though, where I do reqular water changes and try to keep feeding to a minimum. I've also given frags to friends, and they've had no success. I do not dose any type of chemicals in either tank. I'm going to try and get some to work in my 2.5 gallon when I get it set up. Best of luck with yours.

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my lfs has theres under 250 watt mh and they are huge

i think they sayed that they have to frag them every

two weeks so for growth i would say get metal halides

and wait good luck [aB]

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get your hands on some giant bali xenia. truly awesome ive been trying to get it local but the only place i can find it is at garf and there in the midwest.

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whats your water Parameters ?


Sometimes my Xenia will close up for a little bit then open up.

It usually doesnt stay closed for more than 1 1/2 hour or so.


Especially when I do a water change.

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GARF is in the midwest? Last time I checked they were in Idaho, and I'm pretty sure that's not considered the midwest.


close enough lol, my pt is it wont make it here to ny.

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Woot! Garf is here, AHAHAHAA! lol


Actually, I dont shop at GARF becuase they drive all the other LFS prices down and force them to hold excellent quality stock.. I sweat sometimes people buy from GARF just because they are well known. Doesnt matter, really. In fact, the one SPS frag (purple monti w/green polyps) fell off becuase it was poorly glued, then bleaced a bit. Not fun.

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Hey brandino, how much flow do you have in your tank with the pulsing xenia. I heard that if you have lots of flow, they sometimes wont pulse. Try reducing the flow and see what happens. The idea is, and I may be wrong, that they xenia pulse to push water across it arms. By decreasing your flow, you can initiate the pulsing activity. Or this may be all BS and someone sold you non-pulsing xenia at a high price :) Good luck!

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