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Got My Yumas To Propogate!!!!!!


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I cut the foot of one of my orange and blue Yuma rics and now the two pieces I cut clean are moving away from the ric I cut them fom and forming new mouths!!!!!!!!

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symbionic algae takes on many different color forms. It all depends on the area they were collected. The food readily available to eat. The amount of light they got. The elements in the water in that region. Technicaly I could frag one of my Yumas and it may be pink or red. No Mutants Just asexual. Like earthworms. They can be diced and regenerate new limbs.

To my knowledge anyhow there is no male and female in the ricordea world or any other anemone.

I could be wrong. only certain lps and certain sps to my knowledge.

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