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Eclipse1 Lighting Upgrade


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In between Halo and drinking thsi weekend, I found time to upgrade the lighting in my fishtank, which happens to be a 15gal tall Eclipse 1, which I've had for several years and am converting now to a nano reef tank. Here are some before and after pics.




This is tank with the wimpy stock piece of garbage florescent lighting in the hood.




The CSL power compact retrofit lighting kit. I wanted to get a 96 watt kit, which is the light output I had on my OLD tank back home, but I think that would burn too hot for my Eclipse hood.






Besides the light upgarde, I've got the stock hood with the bio-wheel still running in there for now. Also have a maxi-jet 900 in there.

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I have the same size tank and hood with the same sucky 13 watt lighting. Was wiring the retrofit easy and did it come with "destructions"? What kind of bulb did the kit come with? Lastly, where did you get the retro kit?



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where do people keep getting these CSL lights from? they went out of business long ago... im guessing there's still some products floatin around in the market place.....

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