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ok so far this is the tank


1 domino damsel

1 blue damsel

1 pink tip hatian

1 nassarius and 3 baby snails

2 hermit crabs

1 camel shrimp

25 pounds live sand

5 pounds live rock




... any other fish that i could get.. maybe a mandarin blenny..

somthing thats small..



also im thinking about 5 more hermits... and about 3 more snails



btw its a 10 gallon

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Dominos get big 5.5" and are big-time aggressive.

They need a biggggg tank with other aggressive fish.


Mandarins require special needs.

a Big well established tank with a min. of at least 80-100 lbs of LR, pods are their main food source so they need tons of'em.


Stick with fish listed here and you'll be fine. I wouldnt add more than 2 fish.



I also recommened you add some more Live Rock. another 7-10lb would be better to handle the bio-load.


Good Luck

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ditch the damsels and the camel shrimp. the damsels are nothing more than the spawn of satan and the camel shrimp will eat your soft corals if you give it the chance. do add more hermit and snails.


are your numbers backwards on the whole pounds of lr and ls? if you have 25(!!!) lbs. of ls, you may want to take some out and add live rock.


if you choose to keep alllllllllll of that sand, maybe go buy some kind of sand sifting goby. wait...how long has your tank been set up?


if less than a month or two, nevermind on the goby and don't get any fish that is a copepod feeder

(any blennies, smaller wrasses...anything with a small tiny mouth are off limits till you have a ton of pods). your tank needs time to age and grow large populations of pods and whatnot.

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been up for a good year now.. oddly its been running just fine with the current setup


guess the damsels growth stunted its only about a inch ...


im gonna get about 5 more pounds of live rock soon

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well that has got to be the biggest dsb i have heard of in a nano! lol. just be careful to not stir up the sand and release any 'bad stuff'.


well go get yourself a sand sifting goby to go through all that sand! and a bit more than 5 lbs. of rock that way you have places to put coral! =)

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