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Clean up crew for 2 gallon hex...


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Alrighty....my 2 gallon hex has been up since the beginning of December, the cycle is finished and now I'm having a nice nasty algea bloom....right now I've got 4 snails in there (a large and a small cerith, an astrea, and a banded trochus....at least that's what I think they are...the store didn't have them named...), some teeny tiny feather dusters that keep appearing out of nowhere, and an adorable anemone crab. I need some ideas as to what I can get (that is inexpensive) that will help clean up the algea...especially the annoying spots on the glass...this pic might help you see my algea issues...


I'd appreciate any advice!

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I had the same problem when I was running my 2g, the snails just don't get everything, so I caved and bought a mini mag float for about $7 at sailfin. You also might want to change the water more often, are you using RO/DI or just tap water? I'm at UIUC as well, and the tap water around here is ridiculously bad.

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I'm using RO (I live in Savoy though..so I think I have different tap water...but I'm not using it anyway). I do need to get myself a magnet cleaner...problem is the tank is acrylic...most of those things aren't acrylic safe.


...I saw sailfin in your post and just about jumped out of my chair...lol It's funny how many people I've found on different forums from around here! What year are you and what major? I'm a junior pre-vet.


Anyway.....I'd appreciate any other advice as to what I can add!!

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You're actually the first uiuc person I've ever seen on these boards, but we have a little group with 3 people on facebook. I'm a senior in aerospace engineering, I had a 2.5 mini-bow last semester with a little neon goby and some crabs/snails and other random inverts until the heater self destructed and killed everything over break. So right now theres a 10g cycling next to me with a really really nice heater in it, I should be adding some hermits and snails next week.


I used my mag float on my acrylic mini-bow without any problems until I got a grain of sand stuck in it and it scratched the side a little, it should be fine as long as you keep it clean. If you have some sort of little refugium or even room in your filter you could put some cheato in there, which should slow the algae growth considerably.

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Look into getting a Kent Marine Scrapper. They make one for Glass and Acrylic.


If you want more snails, I'd go with a few more Astrea snails and maybe a Mexican Turbo.



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