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Cultivated Reef

tylernt's zoos


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These started from a 5-polyp frag maybe a year ago. They also fought off a Xenia invasion -- I had a stalk of Xenia growing smack dab in the middle of the lower cluster. Took about a month, but the Xenia has finally moved away.


Anyway, this is the only part of the tank I'm not embarrased to show... too much hair algae. :(

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Wow. Those are BRIGHT and have awesome colors. Nice job w/ those. Don't be afraid to show the rest of the tank! In the past day, I've seen a tank w/ no LR and plastic coral and plants and a tank w/ an undergravel filter. There is no waaay you could be anywhere near as bad as that. Why so much algae if I might ask?

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DarkXerox, I have two zebra leg hermits but they seem to ignore the algae.


Thanks Kogut. For a while there I was getting lazy with the water changes, only doing them every other week. I'm back on track, doing 20% weeklies now and so far it's not spreading but it's not receding either. Ah well.


Ok, maybe a couple more pics. Here's some baby Xenia and some of the aforementioned algae.

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My favorite, stripey shrooms. I've had these just as long as the blue ones, but sadly, it only spawned one offspring.


That's all for now!

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Very nice frags , bright and brilliant, but not to get to far off of topic, who is that in your avatar? If she's your gf you are one lucky man! I don't know your age, so if she's your daughter, you are one unlucky man (lots of guys after her!).

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matt the fiddler

have you tried to slice and dice the shrooms? you would be suprised how many you can get from one.... and they grow in in 3 months or so

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Oops I was wrong. I dug around on my HD and found a pic from when I first started the tank. There are the parents of the zoos in the first and last pics.


All I can say is, WOW!

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tMoney, sadly, I don't even know who the girl is. I got the pic from the "Intarweb". Ours is purely a platonic relationship.


Yeah Matt I should frag 'em. But, I guess I'm a combination of chicken (afraid I'll kill them) and lazy. Sorry to let you down. :(

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