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Coral Vue Hydros

Gauging interest: MH/DE 70w/6500k


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gauging interest: i am able to get a hold of 70 watt metal halide/double ended lamp....6500k/Daylight FULL SPECTRUM...this is the closes thing to natural sunlight there is...your corals will love it....you can do a search and all the experts(sanjay) say your corals will grow faster under this spectrum then others...some might say it's a little yellow, but isn't natural sunlight a little yellow..just add an actinic bulb and it looks great, just as I did and others who have MH setups...the higher the kelvin the more blue the light is, but also your corals will grow slower as well.. on top of all of that, these bulbs last longer then ushio, AB and others, just check the spec sheet attached....


I can get them for 50.00 shipped UPS Ground to your door...LMK who's interested, maybe you like to get one until you receive your 20k bulb sometime this year....



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