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How many people use protein skimmers


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I wanted to find out how many of the people who have nano cubes use protein skimmers. I heard that they werent necessary for smaller tanks. What do you think?

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I use a small airstone in a siphon tube to skim my 10G only cause I have 3 fish in there. the fuge also helps by growing all the cyno it wants keeping the display tank clean.

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IMO...The only reason they are not used on alot of the nano reefs is because most people do a water change once a week so that organics have less of a chance to build up.. I have a 6 gallon tank and with the live rock and DSB there is probably only 4 gal of water . Since I do a 1 gal water change every week that's 25%, I am replacing the entire volume of the tank each month. In my case a skimmer would be overkill..If I had a 20 gal.. tank then I would probably use a skimmer on it.

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IMO, skimming is optional on a nano... with such a small volume of water, overskimming would be a concern.. which would require frequent water changes (or suppliments at the risk of altering ionic balance) to replace necessary elements. If I am going to be making frequent water changes anyhow, those water changes are removing a lot of the DOM that I would otherwise be skimming.

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Ah crap I voted before I read the question. Either way, if I had a nano cube, I'd be using a protein skimmer on it :)


While they may be optional for nano reefs, I would rather be safe than sorry, because if a fish died in my nano, I would want the peace of mind knowing that I had a protein skimmer to help gather up all the organics from it, and help keep the tank from crashing. Plus once you see what they pull out (even in nano reefs), you could never run a tank without one.

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Don't believe in overskimming. A skimmer will only "foam" if there is something there to remove. I use an asm g-2 on a 26 bow that is very lightly stocked with fish. I just don't think you can overskim.

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they are optional on any tank.....i have had tanks with skimmers and without. Seems to me like if you dont skim your bio filter is just that much better to keep up with whats in your tank.

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Originally posted by Styxnpicks

I use a small airstone in a siphon tube to skim my 10G  only cause I have 3 fish in there.  the fuge also helps by growing all the cyno it wants keeping the display tank clean.



i've never heard of a skimmer like that, do you have any pictures or a schematic or anything like that ? :) i'd love to see how it works..



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i use a aqua C on my 24G nano, i just hang it on overnight, it pull out about 1 shot glass of coffee colored gunk. every night:o i still do a weekly 3 gallon water change. ever since i've been doing this my corals seem to be extra happy, especially my shrooms and rics, they are bigger than ever now.


-Mike :)

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I run a skimmer once a week on my 12gal nano. I work a double shift tuesday going into thursday, so while Im not there I hang it on the front and let it do its thing. It removes a nice size cup of crap in the 24 hours or so its on. I would love to run one full time, but I havent found anything yet that can be used with the nano 12 and keep the stock look. I have a frankstein eclipse 6, Im not about to chop up my nano hood like that one.

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