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Pod Your Reef

is there an mh alturnative?

aquarium boy

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is there one i was just thinking beculse i dont want to spend

800.00 for a 72" fixture i might be getting a 125 gallon and i was

just thinking of 6 96 watt pc's and im not too fond of the

heat that the metal halides make

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You can light the tank with whatever you like pc's or vho are alternatives to MH, but you can't just look at the cost to buy the initial set up. What does it cost to replace the bulbs? How much electricity to power them? Reefkeeping isn't a cheap hobby especially when starting off with a 125 gallon tank. The $800 for MH will just be a small drop in the bucket.

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If you just want fish, go with some normal output lights and call it a day. Then again, nobody who starts out with a fish only tanks stays that way for long. lol

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ok change of plans the my house cant take a 125 gallon right now so im planing for a 50 gallon thats 36x18x18

and i am going to use this light for it am-ocean.jpg

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Originally posted by Perpetual98

How much is that fixture?  Is it an Aqualight?


nah- thats an aquamedic ocean light- and aquarium boy- your tank has a center brace i believe- so keep that in mind when going to halides- your not gonna be able to center it...

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They have bad lighting for tanks b/c of the reflector design. Our aquarium bulbs are designed to go horizontal rather than vertical like commercial fixtures. Thus, they become ineffiecent when mounted in a commercial pendant. You could rip off the ballast and buy a $30 spyder reflector and rig that up.

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