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A Couple Idents Pwease!


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Ok, I bought some shrooms from my LFS a week ago, and tonight I noticed some possible hitch hikers on the rock the shrooms were mounted on.


They are both in the circle, very close to each other. One looks like a tube with little tiny feathers coming out of it, which react to bumps, but not motions. The other thing is directly below it (almost on it, in the pic) and looks like two white tentacles with small black bands on them:

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Another pic of another unidentified creature. Looks like maybe some sort of worm? It has a flat face, and two feelers that stick out. It responds to motions, noise, and vibrations, and retracts into it's hole.

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OH CRAP SORRY!!!!! I didnt even read the one with the shrooms on it!!!! I just thought you wantted an ID on the genius of the shrooms sorry!!

Orange dots are more than likely a straine of encrusting sponge. It will die off as they like total darkness in most cases.

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