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So I bought a 12g Nanocube DX!!!


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Wow, this thing is awesome. Haven't even turned on the lights or put water in yet but I can't wait.


I am going to take my time with this and just need some insight. When I took the ballast from the bottom of the tank, there is some glue residue from the tape that was holding it in place? How do I remove this and not risk having water contaminents when I add my water?


Also, Do you suggest removing all of the bioballs, ceramic rings, and carbon? This is what I have been reading.


How do I attach my overflow box made out of acrylic to the plastic and glass in the corner with the inflow? And do I leave all of the sponges in there?


Thanks, I know there are posts simlar to this one but I cannot find the exact answers I need.



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I used alcohol (rubbing) to remove the tape residue. It evaporates quickly, so I dont' think it left any residue. I also rinsed everything with tap water then distilled water. Tank is doing fine with no probs so far (knock on wood). I removed everything to cycle, will put some other carbon in soon. cycle is just finishing. don't know about the other stuff.

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