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How much bionic do you dose?


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I want to start dosing Bionic on a more regular basis.


Current readings:

CA: 340ppm

ALK: 7.4

Ph: 8.3


It's low and I want to bump these up a bit.


I know every tank is a little different but i'd like to know how much and how often everyone here is dosing their bionic so i can have a good starting point and save me a couple rounds of testing.


I dont have any high calcium consumers in the tank, only zoos, paly's gsp, and a few miscellaneous snails.

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If you have no Stonies I would'nt worry too much.


you dont really need to increase it.


if you do want to anyway for the hell of it just follow the directons to start which I believe is one ml per 4 gallons.


Dose everyday until you hit the number you want.

you can increase the dosage after using it on a regular bases.


once you have your Ca where you want it just dose to maintain the levels. Test after each Dosing.


It may take a while to get where you want.

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I dose the alk part of b-ionic. Using oceanic keeps my calcium at 450ppm. I had been dosing 2mL of alk per day, now i just adjust my WC water to 9-10dKH and also add about 1mL of it to my 1gal auto topoff. Keeps it steady at 9dKH.

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Check out Randy Holmes Calcium and Alkalinity issues. Dosing with one and not the other will throw the system off balance evetually down the road. Randy specifies a zone to be in with calcium and alkalinity. Once your in the zone, dose with both parts to keep the zone going. Even if you dont have hard corals. Too much alkalinity over time will drive down the calcium levels.

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heres a nice little calculator, put your water volume in, enter current levels and desired levels, pick the product you wish to dose and it will tell you how much you need to add.

once you get to the desired levels then you just need to moniter your water to figure out how much is required to maintain that level


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