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live rock pricing


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I ordered 13 pounds from Jeff's Exotic fish - with overnight shipping it cost me less than 80 bucks. The rock is extremely colorful and I got a pretty good variety of different sized pieces.

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getting some from www.progressivemarine.com

really good pricing

im live about 90 miles from mobile gonna go over there and check it out. Here in ms. 65 miles north of the gulf live rock is ridiculous 799 for figi 9 bucks for tonga branch all of this rock is dead nothing living on it ordered 5 lbs from a fish place in claifornia and it looks much better for 350 a pound but after shipping it costs quite a bit hahaahha

but anyway gonna go look at progessives set up this weekend if it is good stuff i will let yall know

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Another option would be to find the website of your local reef oginization. There is usually always someone close wanting to sell some rock dirt cheap. And the up side is, that it's usually established rock.


That's what I did. I found someone close wlling to sell me his rock for like $2 a pound. The rock also came with little frags he just threw in for free.

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adamchris~ i got it in queens at fishtown. i think it is fiji, cannot remember, but sometimes they have other kinds in the tank too.

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ived payed up to 13 a pound for florida rock but it has more life then you could imange. clams oysters and muscels all over the place it is awsome stuff and we got some huge peices too. fugi was around 5 or 6 a pound

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i paid 3.79 for Fiji-- Very nice stuff.

7.99 for Tonga Branch


I have seen it for 6.99 and 9.99 too. I live in N. Philadelphia area.

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Here in the DC area you can expect around $7-8 a lb for the small LFS. But if you find the larger stores it is pretty easy to find a place that sells for $4 lb.


I think that my next tank will be 80% base rock which is $2 a lb and use my current live rock for the rest.

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geez..here in texas i pay upwards of 8-9 bucks a pound for crappy condition figi/hatian (although my lfs did give me a deal for 5.69 a pound a while back..but then jacked the price back up)

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As luceneck said, here in DC/MD/VA area, most lfs sell it around $6~8 a lb. A few larger lfs/nersury sell it like $5 per lb tho, I wouldn't count on their quality.


I bought mine from Dr Mac, forgot how much it was, and is nice tho its kinda big size for nano... I'd go for Premium Aquatic Nano rock next time. It's $3.49 per lb and looks nice too. And... uhhh.. shipping... yup. that's PITA, but I'd pay shipping rather than paying LFS king's ransom for crappy rock.

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dr foster ns mith, live aquaria, etropics (all same place) I got mine from them for $2.50/lb for fiji and $2.75/lb for tonga a few months ago. and thats after shipping. there was tons and tons of life on the rock.

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Hey Pinchy,

What store do you work for in Richmond? I travel thru there on the way to visit my family once a month and I'd love to be able to pick up live rock instead of having it shipped to me.


Is the rock your store sells decent? Is it cured?



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