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6 gallon nano cube


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i think i saw a 6 gallon nano cube... it looked exactly like a nano cube but smaller. for the lighting it was just 1 13 watt i think. It was not made by JBJ. All the companies buy from the same manufactuer in asia so i guess this is what the jbj 6 gallon will look like. It was really nice, just picture everything a little smaller. I saw it at a shop in rowland heights. I'll find out prices next week.

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It just looks like one but the inside is probably not the same. There is a local shop here that sells something that looks like that, but if you look closely it does not come with the back compartments.

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soon.... but the potential! there is a lot of room in the lighting area... maybe even enough for a 70mh



its at angel aquariuma on nogales in cali....

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