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Hardest corals


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I've heard the flower pot coral is really hard to keep or at least it's not very hardy, is this true? I wanted to get one since I saw it at my LFS and they said it's not easy to maintain! I have a 12g nanocube DX model. Everything that came with it is in it..nothing modded! can anyone shed some light on this for me?? Thanks so much! Hunter

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PaulC already shed some light, Hunter....what do you think Goniopora spp. are? There are volumes written on Goniopora, which you can search for...to make a long story short, they have a very very very very dismally poor survival record in captivity. For proof, I'd go back to that LFS and watch the Goniopora you want waste away and die (if someone doesn't buy it to watch the same thing happen at home..).





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DOH....sorry about that. still new to the whole saltwater hobby....and I didn't know what goniopora spp. was so that's why I asked but thanks for the advice anyway! Take Care! Hunter

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I have had experience with Goniopora. I did great for about 3 months, but slowly died. I lasted an entire 4 months in my tank. I later found out that the average life span of this coral is about 7 months to a year.

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good to know jeffyer....The one that they had at my LFS looked really good. The manager said they had it for about 2 monthes and it was doing great..but she said it's a stony coral and it's very iffy if it could possibly go in my tank considering my nano. She said it takes a lot of maintenance and the lighting has got to be strong enough for it! but glad I didn't buy it! Thanks again!! Take care! Hunter

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