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flow for corals

aquarium boy

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367 gph isn't enough for a 75 gallon. i had a thread about flow for my 75 a while ago and they (nano-reefers) said that i need more than 1000 gph for sps.

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In my 29 I have a mag 7 @ 3 ft head and going through a SCWD so I might be getting 300 GPH max when all is said and done which is not nearly enough.


I think to succesfully maintain SPS you need the water to turnover a least 20 times the size of your tank.

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you can set up your aqua-scaping to help create different flow Zones. Thats what I have done and it works well.


Also the wave maker really makes a huge difference.

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That should be enough, but w/ a tank that size, why not setup a closed loop w/ a wavemaker or sqwd? You would only need 1 or 2 bigger pumps and it would give you the random flow that SPS love. I have a 300gph and a 600gph in my 20L at the back corners. The acros and other SPS love it. Of course both aren't pumping that actual amount, but it's something to compare to. I used my aquascaping to create very high flow through the middle and low flow close to the PH's and on the sand.

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