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New Guy with new reef - your opinions?


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Hey Everyone!


Long time reader, but a new reefer. Thanks to everyone for all the info you've posted. It's been a huge help when it came to getting my tank started. I just got the LR today, and I've attached some pics. What do you all think? I'm still on the fence with the aquascaping, so your suggestions are more than welcome.


Here's my running gear:


12G Nano Cube DX

Stock Lighting (but not for long)

- waiting for Helios T5 10w 11'' Actinic and R2 Solution Moonlight

MJ606 pump

Jager 50W



Chemi-pure and sponge in compartment 1

LR rubble compartment 2

heater, pump, temp probe compartment 3



13lb LR from Jeff's

6lb Tonga Deep Water

3lb Fiji Ultra

2lb Tonga Branch

2lb Marshall Island

10lb Oolitic sand



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I thought it would be cool to get alot of biodiversity by getting a few different types of rock. I like the way it turned out for the most part, so thanks for the compliment. I'll see how things develop over the next several weeks before I decide if I want to change it or not.

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aslong as you like how it looks, it is beautiful. not everybody on this sight likes the samething, i like using more than one type of rock. anyway, what lighting are you going with? is it the stock lighting and the t5 or just the t5?

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Thanks, Crunk. I'll be going with the stock lighting in conjunction with the t5. I like the Helios fixture because it comes with a separate ballast so I can simulate dusk and dawn. It fits perfectly between the 2 stock bulbs. It's supposed to come in to my LFS today or tomorrow. I'll post more pics as the lighting progresses.

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