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Not-so-nano question


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Hi all,


I'm pretty new to saltwater tanks. I've been running a nanocube for about 5 or 6 months now and I'm having lots of fun.


My question is about a larger tank though:| I'm going to convert my 90 gallon SA cichlid tank to salt, with some rock and basic soft corals (shroom's, GSP etc., maybe some Xenia). I need help with a few things:


1) I've never used a skimmer and need to decide wich one I need for a 90g. I'm going to run it in a sump.


2) I need some advice on lighting. I'm really not interested in stonies or clams and such, just some easy stuff.


3) I'm thinking of building my own sump with skimmer and fuge out of an old 29g I have sitting around. Should I build a compartment for bio-balls and drip like a wet/dry or forget about it and just run the fuge. Also need some ideas on lighting for the fuge.


4) Finally, I need some help with circulation. I'd like suggestions on a pump for the sump/fuge and also maybe some powerheads or other closed loop (maybe scwd) for the display.


Sorry about the long post, lots of Q's :blush:





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Welcome! First of all, I think you should post the same questions on reefcentral.com. There are a lot of guys that run larger tanks and might be able to answer your questions better.


However, I can give you one point for consideration: A 90g will cost you a few thousand bucks, if not more. I usually tend to calculate $100 per gallon of water for a reef.


Good luck!!!

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