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Questions on Nano Cubes


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Hey, I've recently have been looking into getting a nano cube and was wondering what everybody's oppinion on it was. Should I get a dx or the regular one? Also, will I need to upgrade it a lot? Suggestions are more than welcome! Thanks.

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If you do go with a nano cube, definately get the DX. You may end up upgrading the DX anyway but you could get by leaving it as is. You will need to upgrade the original one to make it sutable for more verieties of corals. Personally though i would just go with a regular 10g AGA. It gives you alot more options when setting up your tank and it will probebly be cheaper in the long run also. Just my 2 cents.

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I really like my 24G nano DX, all i did to it was upgrade the pump, and remove the bio-balls and ceramic ring. It seems to be thriving. But i guess it depends on the person too, and what livestock you want to keep in it. If you think you'll get a nano, and want to mod the heck out of it, you may want to consider something else... maybe...



Good luck,


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Thanks for your input! Would I need to get a skimmer though, or could I just get by being that its a 12 gallon? Thanks. Also, should I modify the lighting at all to keep corals? What would be the recommended wattage?

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Hey fishguy4, my recommendation would be to order a modified nanocube from www.nanocustoms.com If you are not a DIYer, Chris at nanocustoms will modify a nanocube up to around 92 watts I believe. Unfortunatly I ordered my nanocube from him the week before he updated his site, and I was only able to get 82 watts of lighting, but its good enough for me at this time. But nanocustoms.com is a great site and I would recommend it to anyone.


Good Luck -T

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you can keep a decent selection of Corals with the DX

with 48 watts your at 4 watts per gallon. Plently of Softies will do fine. here are just a few (shrooms, zoos, Xenia, leathers, star polyps) as well a some LPS Corals like hammers, frogspawn.


you dont need a skimmer. just do weekly water changes and keep a low bio-load.


The Cube is a blast


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Mini-Jet 606 Powerhead (replaced the stock pump for a little more power and it runs quieter)



Micro-Jet Powerhead 450: ( This is in the display tank to create a cross flow)



Ebo Jager 50 watt heater




I keep one sponge and Rubble Rock in the left compartment

All rubble rock in the middle

606 and Ebo jager in the right compartment with a chemi pure bag.

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