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Rock before sand. Why?


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i know a lot of people say add rock then sand later and i was just wondering y you did this . when i add the dasd i would assume that i would turn my filters and PH's off am i right


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The main reason, is because of rock slides. If the rock goes in first, then the sand won't shift under it, causing rock slides.


In my opinion it really isn't a big deal to put in sand first. That is what I did. I filled the tank with water. Then poured my sand in. Then after a couple days I put my rocks in.


I have yet to have and rock slides. And if you think about it, your probbably going to rescape at some period anyways.

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Its a good idea, you would not really need them running. With the power heads off the water will clear faster. I kept my ac500 running and put a filter in to help clear the water.

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