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Pygmy Angel Question

ortho bill

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Started a 20L nano at work about 6 weeks ago. Everything came from an established tank at home. Last week put in a Pygmy and a Percula. The pygmy has pretty much stayed hidden in the rockwork. Today (day 5 or 6?) I 've seen him slightly more. Should I expect more of the same or will he eventually venture out more as time goes by. Also taking suggestions for a 3rd fish to be added - must be active/colorful.

Thanks, Bill

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6 line for the addition (you and I have the same fish in our tanks now). ;)


The angel will come out more. Mine has been in for a bit over a month... And he's never hiding... Right now, he's swimming in front of the glass... He loves to hang out with my killer perc and her anemone. Weird little fish...

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mine hid for the first two or three days and then started becomming progressivly more bold but still hides when i first comes in the room, ut after a while just starts swimming as normal. i have had him for like 3 weeks now.

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