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From 5 to 7... what an upgrade!


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hey all, some of you might have seenpictures of my 5 gallon flatback hex that I set up last spring.... well, it's been up graded... a whooping additional 2 gallons! The hood on my old tank was begining to warp and wasn't fitting correctly... the last thing i needed was a 70w MH crashing down into my tank. Rather then make a new hood... I just upgraded the whole tank altogether.


My new tank is a 7gallon mini-bow. Much of the new tank is similar to the old one. I incorperated the same painting style to the background (faded blue to black) and I also made my own hood again for the same lights (1 additional 13w actinic). This hood however fits differently so that if warping of the wood occurs, it won't make the hood unsafe. This tank is also barebottem.


anyhow... here's the specs:

7gal minibow

skilter 250 (gutted)

25w hagen heater (in hob)

1x70w 10,000K ushio MH

2x13w actinic PC's

2 computer fans in hood

diy drip top-off



10-11lbs LR

red shrooms

blue shrooms

green candy cane

toadstool leather

blue ricordia florida

green ricordia florida


green zoos

orange/blue zoos

pink birds nest


zebra hermit

neon goby










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I got the birdsnest from Pruess Pets in Okemos (East Lansing area) They have a HUGE coral selection. I was actually able to buy this piece as a frag from one in their display tank for only $15 (It was a steal).


I know right now they are redoing their SPS tank because they had some pest problems, so they only have a couple SPS left. They have alot of other corals and fish though, and a very knowledgeable staff. I'm not sure when they are setting up their SPS tank again.

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I finally got an orange monti cap... i've been wanting one.. This guy is more orange in person. I hope i mounted him correctly. The blue ric is a new frag off my old one, so now i have TWO blue rics! It;s kind of exciteing :)

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I am looking to get a 7 gal minibow myself. I currently have a 5 gallon hex that is difficult to look around in. I guess its where I have it setup too that limits me from viewing at all angles. I really like the way you set your new one up! I was also a fan of your 5 gallon flatback hex and will definetly look forward to your new 7 gallon as it progresses.

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