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Help Flatworms


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FE works, but also be prepared to use more than the instructions say. I had to use 3 times the recomended amount to get rid of the little &*@$^(&@%^ Every coral, every rock going in my tank now gets nuked before it gets dropped in my 20. I use a medium sized bowl, acclimate the coral and put 5 drops in for 45 minutes.


No more flatworms!! ;)

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One trick I used involved a HOT Magnum with the micron cartridge. You just hook a hose to the input end and use it like a vacumn. Just suck up all the flatworms you can once a week until their numbers diminish....

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if the rocks or corals are easy to remove from the tank just get a bucket of your tank water, swish them around for about a minute and replace the rocks into your tank. this gets rid of a lot of them quickly cuz they cannot hang on. but if they are the white ones they are pretty harmless, if the are the red ones they can irritate corals. i had them on a zoo rock that i purchased, i did this, and have not seen any since :)

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