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What do you feed your Ocellaris?


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Thanks for the reply fellas. The pet store told me they feed theirs blood worms but the packaging reads "For freshwater fish only"

SO I was a bit corn-fused!



I wound up buying some frozen blood worms and some marine flake food (Aquarian Marine Flakes)

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I feed my pair Nutrafin Max sinking morsels, Freeze Dried Plankton, and Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef Flakes. I switch what I feed them everyday to add variety. Next week I may start frozen blood worms.



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I feed mine everything but the kitchen sink. Flakes, frozen myesis, chopped up silversides, Micro-Pellets, live brine, Formula One bits, Cyclopleez, etc. I believe in variety.


I also feed bloodworms, but only once in awhile - they seem to put too much lipids into the tank - seen as a film on the surface.

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i feed mine one flake a day, and it also gets live brine once in a while. also frozen brine, cyclopeeze, and frozen mysid when i feed my coral

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new life spectrum marine formula- this stuff is the new sh*t! seriously- thats all i feed my fish- and thats all we feed our fish at our store- the colors that come out of your fish are unbelievable! and i believe the product guarantees better colors within 10 days or your money back...

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On an alternating basis:


Formula One

Piscene Energetics Mysis enriched with Selcon or Zoecon

Live baby brine

Live adult brine enriched with greenwater and/or Selcon

Frozen adult brine enriched with Selcon or Zoecon

Live blackworms (rarely)


I, too, believe in variety. I wouldn't want to eat the same thing every day! :P

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